Boot Licking 1

The two mistresses Bianca and Natalie have trained Richie to the perfect Sho Shine boy; As a shoe slave must him boat any time with his tongue spick and span clean hers; And so also this time. Richie must put himself on the ground, the head to the edge of the bed; The two get rid of the rough dirt of its boot soles on his T-shirt first; Boots to this, cleanly leak to and then they already hold hers out to him, too; Richie must black, pointed boots with his tongue hers polishes; He is degraded and sworn at verbally of the two again and again; The sight of its randy outfits with black stockings and corsages makes his arduous dirty work more sweet; The two mistresses order him again and again also to lick the heels of their boots; He shall suck the heels, suck at it; Take very deeply into the mouth and order him how a tail blows they; The two dominant Hungarians - a male doormat under their boots - like this; At the end he must himself on order the two thank you for it and say how well has he liked this.

Abuse 6

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Format: SD
Length: 7:20 Minute
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Tags: boot licking, boots, stiefel, bdsm, bizarr, domina, domination, femdom, fetisch, fetish, goddess, herrin, madame, mistress, Bianca,

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