Facesitting 321


Brat Girl`s Double Panty-Smothering Domination!

Bobby gets ready for facesitting by the two dominant friends Lyla and Mira. Mira sits on his face with her plump ass in her panties. Bobby's face is completely buried under her ass. Meanwhile, Lyla tramples his body with her fairy-like feet. Then the two brat girls change and now Lyla sits with her string on his face and Mira tramples him. While one takes his breath away from his nose and mouth, the other squeezes the air in his stomach and lungs with her feet.
Finally, the two sadistic brats get another nasty idea. They take off their panties and forcefully stuff them in his mouth. Facesitting tyranny continues for Bobby with both panties in his mouth. Now he gets no dg more air. His mouth full of the girls' wet panties, his nose buried under their naked ass and the pounding feet of others on his stomach.

Facesitting 321

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